[TUTORIAL] Melon Streaming

[Important : Please READ] 

Currently purchasing Melon Pass is possible only for apple users with Apple Account. But don’t worry there is still a way but you will need help of a person you know who has Apple Account.

+You just need to do the steps below to that person’s phone, log in your account then purchase Melon pass.

+After that download on your android phone the Melon App, log-in your account to your Android phone and you should be able to stream the songs full.


Extra Notes:

+How to Create Melon Account

+ How to check if you are streaming properly

+ How to loop songs

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[TRANS/LYRICS] “INFINITE ONLY” Infinite’s 6th Mini Album

Track #2 태풍 – The Eye

It’s all over. I forgot everything.

Finally I erased you now.

Said farewell to farewell,

..which was too long and too hard for me.


It has ended up. It has all stopped.

Finally the light is shining now.

The rainy storm like typhoon

has finally stopped now, but..

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[Korean/English] ONE DAY Lyrics


하루만 널 볼 수 있다면

하루만 네 맘 알 수 있다면

상처뿐이었던 네 마음을 조금만 더 일찍 알았더라면

시간을 되돌릴 수 있다면 그 아픈 상처 모두 지울 수 있다면

이제야 깨닫게 된 모든 걸 너에게 그대로 할 수 있다면

날 바라보던 네 눈, 날 안아주던 네 품

날 채워주던 네 꿈, 날 감싸주던 네 숨

뒤돌아 후회했던 내 지난 날은

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