27 thoughts on “∞Concerts List”

    1. please put the the 130809~130810 INFINITE – “1st World Tour ‘One Great Step’ in Seoul” for day 1 and 2 with sub.

  1. The link that I found in youtube for Second Invasion concert eng sub is actually second invasion encore concert.
    I found the first second invasion concert in seoul but it’s not in eng sub. I really want to know what they’re talking about and wish there’s eng sub version.
    How about in the second invasion dvd that woollim sell, is there no eng sub there?

    1. Same here… I was trying to look for that very first Second Invasion Concert in Seoul as well, but there’s NO link:(( I was able able to watch only the Second Invasion Evolution Concert in Seoul.

      Hope they can add the link with full sub of first Second Invasion Concert in Seoul 120211 & 120212 also:))

      1. @ anjellie_ka , Please put the “150608 INFINITE 5th Anniversary “Inspirits Shining Night” Special Event (Full) with english subtitle please and the one great step Seol… thank you so much, i really love always watching them specially when they have new events,concert, movies, and all…thank you again

  2. Please put the one great step..I really want to watch them also their 5th year anniversary with subtitle in English please.

  3. thank you so much for the OGS returns…hopefully later we can get the “Inspirits Shining Night” with sub..thank you..appreciated @ anjellie_ka 🙂

  4. Hi there! Can you please add the Eng-Sub for 1st World Tour One Great Step in Seoul – 130809 & 130810? I was trying to search for it but all links were deleted. Please put that one:) Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi there, does anyone know where I can get “That Summer 1” & “2nd Invasion Evolution” DVD (specifically the one where Sung Kyu sang Only Tears)? I am planning to buy all the DVDs of their concert for my collection but I can only find 3 DVDs in kpoptown.com. Thanks in advance.

      1. hallo anjellie-ka … do you have infinite 6th anniversary full eng sub? because i not found it with eng sub. it’s so suffocate that we’re not to know what they talking about. it’s just little i’ve can understand korean. Pls help to update this video with eng sub. gomawao🙂

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