11 thoughts on “[ENGSUB] [FULL] Law of the Jungle in Belize with Seongyeol”

  1. hai, i’m the newbie in here, i just want to ask you something~ will you sub the new episode of the law of the jungle ep with siwan in that episode? i’ll wait for it~ hwaiting~

  2. Hello.. I know it’s been a while since this show was aired. BBut it seems not all the episodes is subbed yet.
    I’ve seen your other subbed video and it was very good. Thanks for subbing. If i can ask for a favor from infinite updates subber team. Can you sub the rest of episode of sungyeol in jungle?
    Here is the link for raw video
    Thank you so much.

  3. hey,,, if you’re done with infinite showtime,,, can you sub the rest of episodes of LOTJ belize with sungyeol??? please… and the one with dongwoo too, it has been subbed only one episode T.T

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