∞About Us

INFINITE UPDATES is an International fanbase dedicated to one of South Korea’s leading boy group, trend idol, ‘INFINITE’. Created July 1, 2011, Infinite Updates have grown from a small fanbase to now, one of Infinite’s most established and biggest international fanbase

The staff:

Australia – Yeji (@yeji_chunsa88)

Australia – Esther (@EstherInfinite9)

America – Yana (@lee_sungjongs)

Canada – Pris (@S33Yuu)

Indonesia – MelGyu (@MeliaChoi)

Japan – Miyu (@MineMyngsL)

Malaysia – L (@AmieraAnuaar)

Malaysia – Nash (@nash357_)

Philippines – Gheca (@anjellie_ka)

Philippines – Nica (@shinelight_sk)

Philippines – Trisha (@ifntchodingyeol)

Singapore – Chinggyu / Jewel (@sunggyusungyeol)

South Korea – Hyon (@fantasticKWON)


Subbing team:



Being run by Inspirits from different countries, Infinite Updates has done several projects and founded Global Inspirit Union (a group of fanbases from different countries all over the world who do projects under Infinite’s name).

The Global Union:

Philippines | @Infinite_Phils

Japan | @MineMyngsL

Australia | @AussieInspirits

Turkey | @InspiriTurkish

Germany | @7coverboys

Denver | @Infinite7Quotes

Hungary | @InfiniteHungary

Indonesia | @InfiniteCrewINA

France | @French_Invasion

United Kingdom | @paradi7e

Chile | @In_InspiritCH

Singapore | @SungyeolBias

Malaysia | @INSPIRITEAM  

Brazil | @Infinite_Brasil

Poland | @InspiritsPoland

United States of America | 

New York City – @InfiniteCrewNYC

Mexico | HERE

Peru | @InspiritPeru

Romania | @InfiniteRomania


Belgium | BE-Inspirit


Ask | Ask.fm
Twitter |  @InfiniteUpdates
Facebook | InfiniteUpdates
YouTube | InfiniteUpdates
Instagram | InfiniteUpdates

44 thoughts on “∞About Us”

      1. Really?
        I’m thrilled to hear it.
        thank you again.
        I hope more and more news and information provided and make the Inspirit feel that the news and information provided by you all.

      2. Happy Blated Birthday for Miyu (@MineMyngsL), and Happy Birthday Gheca (@anjellie_ka), wishing both of you all the BEST…..
        saengil Chukae……

      1. Anjellie ka
        -im from phillippinea
        And i appreciate all the staffs hard work because of this site
        -i want to go to korea someday but my problem is that :
        1 i want to have a group of friends in korea to live with and support infinite
        2 i dont know how to speak korea
        3 im not fammiliar with the places in korea
        4 i need money so ill make money in the future
        5 i dont know where to live in korea when im there … I dont want hotel cause its expensive…
        6 im ugly
        7 im a boy
        8 im browned skin
        9 im a little bit fat so i need to change..

        Can i be with you when were in korea for group support and to avoid loneliness…
        *please reply*

      2. Hi there dear thank you for mentioning me. ^^ I have friends in Korea who are Filipinos too. It would be great to have you in the group. Please don’t be discouraged the problems you listed above are very easy to fix.You just need to be more confident of yourself. ^^ Sorry for the late reply >.<

      3. una pa lang na vi-vibes ko ng fil. si gheca.. ngaun ko lang nalaman im so shocked🙂
        btw thanks for your hardwork guys🙂 spazzing is really easy with such hardworking staffs😀 i hope you wouldnt get tired of giving info to other inspirits HWAITING :))))

      4. haha..some thought i was Thai.. lol.. but that thank you..only few appreciate the effort..so sobrang masaya kme pag nakakareceive ng ganitong comment… we’ll work harder…^^

  1. Good day Infinite Updates staff members!
    I would just like to clarify who officially released Infinite’s music video and teaser for their upcoming single, Dilemma.
    It came as a shock to me to know that they’ve released a music video before the track.
    Thank you all for your hardwork!

    1. the MV was released by Youtube spotlight Japan.. In Japan it is universal who handles most of the work.. most of the time its fans who upload the video this happens when the video is a special feature of the album.. meaning there will be no official mvs that’s gonna be released ..

  2. Thank you very much for giving us such information about our angel infinite and also always keep spirit for doing this pleasure thing😉😉😉

    Inspirit from Indonesia

  3. Hello!.. I am proud of our boys.. Our beloved Infinite.. I am proud too that one of the active staff of InfiniteUpdate is a Filipino.. I am a Filipino too.. I really wanted to be friends with you guys..
    Can I be your friend in person too?.. I wanted to meet you and join you if ever you’ll meet Infinite in Korea or somewhere.. Thanks!


  5. I want infinite staff in India.please.there was no concert of them here till now.but many fans are there in India.I want to see them in India…

  6. Guys i hope you can upload That Summer 2! The links before was taken down and i cant ask anyone else about it.. You can find the video on K2n blog and it supposedly have subs (dvd subs). I hope someone reads this! Thank you ♥

  7. hi po ate anjellie_ka i’m an inspirit from philippines i just want to ask kung kailan po ung next concert nang infinite dito sa philippines??? and THANK YOU VERY much for all your hardworks i wish i could be an infinite staff too someday …..🙂 SARANG HAE❤❤❤

  8. Hello. Good Evening.(Phil.)
    ..I just want to ask if INFINITE members do have their own interview or anything before they debuted and do they also have their audition videos (with Eng. Sub.)? Looking forward for your answer, thank you.

  9. Hello @anjellie_ka i’m from malaysia. I’m a huge fans of sunggyu. I’ve been looking for all portal website, how to contact with infinite teams. And i’ve already send a few messages which is an email & uh…waiting for a reply😭💔 so was wondering, is there any concert that they will perform? In malaysia? Singapore? Or other than asia? 😂😭 i’m so addict to infinite especially sunggyu. I would like to go to korea someday but i didn’t know how to speak in korean language. Just a lil😂👌🏻 please please, notice me😭😭 thank u so much!

  10. Hi thank you for ur handwork
    i just want to ask how do i communicate with u guys for example if i have a question regarding subbing or if u guys will sub any shows? how do i communicate?

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