[FAN ACCOUNTS] 130910 One Great Step in Hiroshima

∞Infinite spoke in Jp (90%), Kr(5%), and Eng(5%) last night. It means they practiced JP hard :) |c:koreane_ze

∞Yeol couldnt put his arm thru sleeve after L’s prank, n kept dancing in that state till middle of the next song. |c:koreane_ze

∞MyungSoo rushed to SungJong to hug him, coz it was too sweet for L that Jong made a heart at the end of MIL🙂 |c:koreane_ze

∞WooHyun said “Wud u marry me?” to fans so many times. (c: koreane_ze)

∞Hoya & Yeol put their mic on SungJong’s head to make him like a bunny at CoverGirl. (c: koreane_ze)

∞SungKyu repeated “Shitteru! (I know) ” ^^ He threw air kisses to fans and seemed to have been in good mood!

∞Last night, gifts from INFINITE are both of fluffy dolls and airplanes^^

∞MyungSoo kissed his sweet teddy only once, but kept staring during singing. L loves her? too much^^ |c:koreane_ze

∞Hoya pretended to pour water on DongWoo’s head many times ^^ (cr: koreane_ze)

∞Hoya said “One thing we need for our concert is INSPIRIT and another is INFINITE”🙂 (cr: koreane_ze)


trans credit: MineMyngsL

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