[NEWS] Idol Star Athletic Championships, INFINITE Wins Gold Medal At 400M Relay Race

INFINITE won a gold medal at 400m relay race in MBC Chuseok Special ‘Idol Star  Athletic Championships’ aired on the 19th. TEEN TOP, which ranked first place in the Championships, took away silver medal at relay race.


At first, INFINITE did not seem to stand out but thanks to Hoya, who was the last runner, the group came in first. Although the other teams tried, they could not beat INFINITE.


Approximately 160 idols participated in the even including Miss A, Super Junior M, 2AM, MBLAQ, BEAST, INFINITE, Secret, ZE:A, Rainbow, B1A4, TEEN TOP, EXO, Girl’s Day, A pink, BTOB, VIXX, Crayon Pop, Son Jin-young and Kim Kyung-jin.


=Captured Scenes From ‘Idol Star  Athletic Championships’


source: TV Report via: Naver Star Cast

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