UK INSPIRITS were finally able to see INFINITE live at Hammersmith Apollo on the 27th November, the venue full in both the standing and seated area. It was evident that fans from, not only the UK, but also other European countries such as Poland and Spain were present showing the dedication of fans and the huge popularity of INFINITE.

The show kicked off at 8pm as a VCR clip was played introducing the members one by one. Then finally, the moment we had all been waiting for, INFINITE burst onto stage and performed their latest single “Destiny” which had the crowd going crazy if they already weren’t. They performed all their other hit singles from new and old to slow and upbeat – “Paradise”, “Can U Smile”, “She’s Back”, “Nothing’s Over”, “Cover Girl”, “Be Mine”, “Before the Dawn”, “Man in Love”, “The Chaser” and “Come Back Again” along with many more.


If you know INFINITE, then you know they are very well known for their incredibly in sync choreography and slick dancing. It was amazing and mind blowing to see that they were just as amazing in real life as they are on TV. They are also just as good looking and muscly which had the girls screaming and absolutely insane.

INFINITE H, formed of members Dongwoo and Hoya, also took to the stage performing singles from their album “Fly High”. They performed an introduction of their song “Victorious Way” showing off their flawless rapping and dancing. This was then followed by “Special Girl” which was more of a cute stage, and allowed them to show off that they can not only rap and dance but also sing.


The other members also performed solo stages such as Sungyeol and Sungjong’s collaboration “1/3″ which started off with them djing. Half way during the song, both members walked to the barriers and greeted fans, making the venue all the more louder and crazier as they leaned into the crowd. L’s solo was incredibly cute, performing “Love U Like You” he sat on a bench with a huge white teddy bear, playing his guitar while he sang to the audience and bear, his vocals sweet and soothing, the atmosphere calm but still excited. Woohyun performed his solo “Beautiful” which is a slow song, his vocals soothing while the audience waved their hands from side to side to the music. He also surpised the seated audience by going into the crowd half way during the song, making the fans go crazier while Woohyun continued to sing. Sunggyu also performed “60 Seconds” – from his solo album “Another Me” – which was a beautiful orchestra version of the song, his voice filling the venue while everyone listened quietly, the atmosphere intense. Overall, each member was able to demonstrate their personal skills and charm, showing how talented they all are.


The fan service was definitely one of the best. The eye contact, smiles and waves were so genuine and during the talks some of the members spoke in English trying to communicate directly, showing the efforts they were putting in. As mentioned before, Woohyun greeted the seated audience during his solo, making sure all the fans received love and that no one was neglected. At some point during the concert they also came on stage with a basket each and threw cute plush dolls into the crowd earning a positive reaction from the crowd.



The goodbye talk was touching, each member took their time to say goodbye to the fans and Woohyun even cried. The members were humble and genuinely appreciative of the turnout. This was then followed by their encore, fans chanting “다시 돌아와” which translates too “come back again” from INFINITE’s song “Come Back Again” – very fitting for the encore!


As INFINITE finished the encore, the fans were still cheering, still very in the moment. Just when we thought it was over, Hoya ran back onto stage to wave to the fans one last time, followed by some other members who did the same.

The concert was simply amazing. Fans from all over Europe and even Korea were there to show their support to this very talented and humble band. I can definitely say it was one of the best I’ve been to. However, throughout the concert there were some stories of fans being crushed and a worrying amount of fans had to be carried out by the staff so next time lets show a better side to INFINITE since they looked concerned for the safety of their fans, but we hope everyone enjoyed the night!




What was your favourite part of the concert? Share below in the comments!

source: UnitedKpop.com

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3 thoughts on “[COVERAGE] ONE GREAT STEP IN LONDON by: UnitedKpop”

  1. It was truly a memorable concert, and the fans very supportive! I was lucky enough to have seen the opening concert of OGS in Seoul, which was on a grander scale, but from the very last row on the second floor. This time I was in the mosh pit closer to the stage and the boys more or less within arms reach. Much more intimate! They took a little to warm up, but that seemed to have been due to the language barrier too, they were absolutely abounding with energy in their “home base” concert in Korea earlier in the year.

    Concerning safety, I did see the security pulling several girls out of the crowd throughout the concert. I was a little further back and there was quite a lot of space, so I didn’t really have a sense of being squashed in. I also saw security distributing water in-between, which I think is great considering we are not in a tropical country🙂 I’m saying this as I witnessed Infinite at Music Bank Jakarta, which was the most appalling concert environment I’ve ever been to, and everyone involved lucky that nothing major happened. It was open air and 40 degrees with 90% humidity, people had been queuing in the sun since noon for the concert starting at 8pm, the mosh pit was completely overcrowded and locked with a key chain! There were several instances of a near stampede, all exit staircases in the adjacent seating areas were blocked by people sitting on them. People were fainting left, right and center. It took the whole excitement out of the fact that I saw the boys on stage for the very first time. I wanted to leave right after since I was feeling woozy too and was stopped by security who said there’s no getting out until after the concert, since the gate is locked. No toilets either or possibility to buy drinks. When I asked a member of the Police Force on site how we are supposed to get out then in case of a fire or emergency, all I got was a shrug. Considering that, I felt absolutely safe in Hammersmith, which is the most important thing to be able to enjoy a concert to the fullest. Daebak to the boys! Favourite moment? When Sungyeol finally smiled (he seemed a bit downcast or maybe not feeling well?)!

    1. Wow..this is a pretty long one dear.. but I enjoyed reading this.. i can kind of relate to this. I had an experience in mosh pit before and I swear my body ached for one week (or more) i was being pushed to the bar with a screaming girl by my side.. actually she’s screaming on my ear. I thought I was going to be deaf. That was Bigbang concert by the way here in Philippines. So, I promised not to buy standing vip tix ever. Last OGS Manila i was priveleged enough to get an awesome seat, some perks I get for being an admin of InfiniteUpdates..I got font row VIP seats with no sweat and I swear the boys are awesome. I was like in trance the whole concert and even after. Most memorable was Sunggyu was always on our side (Who said he always stays in the middle? He runs around the stage.. not a grandpa at all XD).. sad part was Dongwoo was on the other side (he’s my bias by the way) anyway INFINITE gave me post concert depression lol. Just joking. I don’t know why I’m telling you this..haha..sorry.. I just felt like relieving the moment. >,<

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