[NEWS] INFINITE, finished world tour trek , “unforgettable for the rest of our lives”

[OSEN=Hwang Mihyun] Group INFINITE sent a thank you video message from Dubai, where they had just finished their last concert of the world tour.


After finishing their world tour trek on the 6th of this month INFINITE sent their fans a video message containing their feelings about the tour as a present.  In the message released on 7th, L expressed his disappointment saying, “even though we finished the last show, we will have to perform in other areas next week”, and Hoya recalled the stirring times of the tour saying, “when I look back, every moments of the tour are unforgettable and precious.”


Also, Sung-jong and Sung -yeol conveyed their growth through the tour and longing for the fans in Korea, and Dong-woo and Woo-hyun expressed appreciation saying, “we have learned so much.” Lastly, Sung-kyu thanked the staffs who went through the hardships during the tour and ended the world tour trek.


Stared from the August INFINITE’s world tour concert, ‘One Great Step’, went through 21 countries with about 150 thousand fans during 119 days. Despite being their first world tour, INFINITE captivated their fans worldwide with their splendid and high quality performances.


Especially, the result of their first solo concerts in the U.S. and Europe stands out. The tickets for the concerts performed towards the end of their tour in 4 places in the U.S. and 2 in Europe were sold out early in the midst of welcoming from the local fans.

INFINITE, successfully finished their world tour, will be coming back to Korea and plunge into preparing their new album.


<Picture> provided by woolim

Source: Naver

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