[TRANS/VID] 140106 New Year Greeting frm INFINITE to INSPIRIT JAPAN

(INFINITE):Happy New Year!!
All of INSPIRIT JAPAN, Happy New Year!

(SK):Year 2013 became really special for INFINITE.
Our 1st Japan Album 「Koini ochiru toki」got No,1 on Oricon Weekly chart.
We think we could make it thanks to you all. Thank you very much!

(WH):Thank you so much
Also we visited many places in Japan for our release events, and could see
many fans in person. We really felt time flied and really sad to leave,
but really happy to see you from up close.

(SY):Also we’d been happy to see world INSPIRIT through our 1st World Tour
since August. Did you all have fun as well?

(SJ):Yea, we had fun, too^^ We got energy from everyone!

(MS):We want to see you more this year, and want to work harder!

(HY):We worked hard in 2013 at full power, so please keep supporting us in 2014.

(DW):Now we’re practicing so hard that we can come to see you, so please wait a bit more.
Okie, then..


(SK):Everyone! Happy New Year~!

(MS):Happy New Year!

(HY):Thank you very much!

(WH):See you!


video cr: ririnwoo | trans by: MineMyngsL for InfiniteUpdates

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