10 thoughts on “YAMO (You are my oppa) Eng-sub : FULL”

  1. I want a season 2 please with another boy band taking care of a teenage sister i want to see how they would handle thing please have bts or B.A.P winner or B1a4 or vixx or nuest but i really perfer all the exo boys please ppl lets try to make a season 2 happen plz

  2. Please keep the show going its not to late to make a season to plz with another boy band watching a teenage girl i want to see how they are gonna handle things and im sure alot of ppl out there is gonna want to see to pkz season to who ever came up with the show is the best really please do not stop it rethink about a season 2 im sure im not the only person that wants it lets make S2 happen ppl

  3. None of the parts for Episode 2 are working. Can someone help me find episode 2 in english sub? I looked around everywhere and couldnt find all the parts.

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