[NEWS] ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ unveils additional profile photos + still cuts of Hoya in action

Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education‘ unveiled additional profile photos of its entire taekwondo team!

 In addition to 2PM‘s Chansung, INFINITE‘s Hoya, and Big Star‘s FeelDog, the show unveiled the profile photos of Kang Ho Dong, Kim Yeon Woo, John Park, Julien Kang, and Seo Ji Suk. The cast is seen giving their best taekwondo poses, getting ready for the good match ahead.

We’ve also given a sneak peek at some of the scenes to come in the upcoming episode with Hoya and Chansung showing off their best kicks in a few still cuts!

 As mentioned earlier, taekwondo is the variety show’s 5th sport and with the three idol members Chansung, Hoya, and FeelDog’s experience in the sport, this edition will definitely be worth watching!

Media preview

Source: allkpop
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