[Fanaccount] 140315 Sungyeol at his BBQ Restaurant! [+ 2 Pictures]

Sungyeol at his BBQ restaurant  today! He rejected an autograph and a selca but i touched his hand while giving him the bill

Sungyeol wipping the cashier machine haha he looks so cute that time! He keeps going around and stopping people from taking pictures.

The funny thing is that he’s wearing blue outfit today and ‘THE LOEYEOL’S CALENDAR’ also wearing that same colour of the outfit on the table

When I was leaving the restaurant i went to get an apple juice first! then i was like “TAKE AWAY PLEASE” .Then Sungyeol was like ‘????” So i had to do the ‘TAKE AWAY GESTURE’

Then he asked if i wanted ice and i wanted to say ‘DUHH’ but then i was like little bit! So Sungyeol went to get me ice and he was so adorable he literally gave me the ice one by one!

Then i asked him for a handshake and he gave me one! OMG his hand are so SOFT AND WARM! Then he said “BYEBYE” in english and then i started waving at him until i left and then he gave me a smile!!

The apple juice that Sungyeol served for me

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Btw guys, Sungyeol has the smallest ass and he is so shy! SungYeol was so adorable he kept glancing at the tv screen when orange caramel was shown.

Sungyeol seemed so close to his mom he looks like a male and younger version of her THATS ALL! His laugh is so angelic he’s so close to him mom and shows so much affections

Sungyeol was like being a waiter and the cashier he served almost all the drink orders and everyone kept ordering drinks just to see him. And when he opens up the drink bottles he scrunches his face its so adorable

He had some white stuff on his hair then a korean fan told him about it and then he fuffled his hair! I was starring at him non-stop trying to memorise every detail of him then he kept looking back to smile.

His sideburns are kinda curvy and his mole oh my god his moles on the neck and cheek

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Fanaccount credit @sungyowl | Fantaken photo credit @sbsgr1209
Shared by L at (infiniteupdates.wordpress.com)

4 thoughts on “[Fanaccount] 140315 Sungyeol at his BBQ Restaurant! [+ 2 Pictures]”

    1. He probably refused since it might create a commotion. For example, if he takes a selca with one customer. He has to take another with another customer. (THE CYCLE BEGINS O_O)

      1. yup i think so! last time when I visited the restaurant I saw Sungyeol’s younger brother Daeyeol and he also rejected a selca! I wondered why at first but then I think for him it’s a privacy issue and for Sungyeol it’s probably to avoid a commotion xD the restaurant is meant for business and not for a fan meet after all

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