[NEWS] 140316 SBS ‘Inkigayo’ with Toheart, Unique unit attack and unrivaled charisma

Toheart overflowing unique charisma is presented on stage.

On the 16th March broadcast, Key and Woohyun’s unit presented and promoted their new song delicious on stage.

Toheart’s clothes shown their personality on stage just as the way it is. Key’s golden hair and blue jeans showed his sleek charisma and Woohyun’s yellow jacket showed a fresh feeling.

They showed playful expressions and choreography during their performance while conveying the meaning of the lyrics.(Two guys wanting to grab the same girl’s attention) Their performance was filled with unique charisma.

Toheart’s title song is produced by hit producers Sweettune and Sean Alexander. This song is of the pop and funk genre.The lyrics convey the meaning of they trying to mingle with the same girl and having a showdown to grab the girl’s attention.

On the other side, Today’s ‘Inkigayo’ also had the performers TVXQ,SNSD,2NE1,Soyou X Jeong Ji go,Sunmi,B.A.P,Orange Caramel,BTOB,So real,TROY,Sunny days real vocal,100%,Alphabet,Boys Republic and WINGS etc.

Written by:Im Sujin reporter (Hankyung Xsports news)
Photos by:Inkigayo

Translation by: Jewel  for @InfiniteUpdates

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