[NEWS] 140317 Seo Kang Jun VS L,who is the nation’s younger men lover winner?

“Cunning Single Lady” has gathered all the younger men.

In MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Cunning Single Lady” (Script by:Lee Hana,Choi Suyoung, Main actors:Go Dong Seon,Jeong Daeyoon),Seo Kang Jun and L has respectively acted as Guk Chairperson’s (Lee Jeong Gil) son Guk Seong Heon and Cha Jeong Woo’s secretary-driver .They have shown enthusiastic performance towards their roles.

In the drama, the older female Na Rae-a is fancied by Guk Seong Heon and Cha Jeong Woo. Just by seeing their penetrating stares is enough to make women hearts waver.

Cunning Single Lady

On the other hand,Seo Kang Joon and L are the mankaes of the shooting scene. They shown cute poses which were captured by the camera. They are the vitamin supplements of the shooting scene. In front of the camera, they shown moist eyes and bright smiles while being serious during acting.However when the camera was off, they shown cute aegyo which evoked love from the people who are watching them. Due to such characteristics, their fresh looks and cuteness became the tonic of the shooting scene.

Seo Kang Joon’s innocent poses were dubbed as “Happy energy”. Making use of tissues, he made paper rose bouquet to Min Jeong and gave presents to the staff. He also played the piano and praised himself to have played the piano well by raising his thumbs which evoked laughter. He also made use of the props and pretended to drink coffee. When the camera is face to face with him, he made a cute ‘V’ sign which is an ‘aegyo parade’.

L has a patent eye smile and a soft cotton candy smile which made the staff disarmed.  In the drama, Ju Sang-ok and L always made ad-libs and improvisations in a comical way at the end of the drama shooting and when viewing NGs, L had a soft dimpled smile which evoked laughter. And when L was being shot(the scenes of being engrossed in playing handphone games), while ‘cut’ was being shouted, he was still engrossed in playing the phone which evoked laughters and claps from the staff.

On the other side, in episode 6, Guk Yeo Jin(Kim Gyuri) who opened up her heart to Cha Jeong Woo(Ju Sang-ok) was caught in a traffic accident which resulted her in losing one of her legs. To celebrate Guk Yeo Jin’s birthday, Cha Jeong Woo who was engrossed with Guk Yeo Jin’s shapely legs in her photo was shocked while seeing Guk Yeo Jin’s current state.Yeo Jin while escaping togther with her past love (Ricky Kim) (They were escaping from Guk Chairperson) resulted them being caught in an accident. Her past lover died while she lost one of her legs. Although she survived the accident she suffered from a lot of heartache caused by Guk chairperson which she revealed to the viewers of the show causing them to be shocked.

Written by:TV news daily Yoon Hyo Jung reporter
Photos by:IOK media and 판타지오

Translation by: Jewel for @InfiniteUpdates

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