[NEWS] [TRANS] 140404 Lee Daeyeol, Infinite’s Lee Sungyeol’s younger brother to star in To Heart’s ‘Tell Me Why MV’

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Woollim trainee, Lee Daeyeol to debut through To Heart’s ‘Tell Me Why’ MV!

Woollim Entertainment said on the 4th, Lee Daeyeol, brother of Infinite’s Lee Sungyeol has just finished shooting the music video of the song ‘Tell Me Why’ from To Heart’s first mini album.

Born in 1993, Lee Daeyeol was a trainee under Woollim entertainment for two years. Last year in ‘SBS Law of the Jungle’ his face was unveiled through the introduction of Sungyeol’s family. He was also a former backup singer and dancer of Tasty.

Two Heart’s ‘Tell Me Why’ is a sad farewell to the denied feelings of a man. On the 7th, the new remix version of the song will be released.

Infinite’s Woohyun and Shinee’s Key was united as ‘Two Heart’. Following their title song ‘Delicious’ which received great love they will release their next single ‘Tell Me Why’ on the 7th.

Source: Naver News
Translated by:  of INFINITEUPDATES

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