[NEWS] 140410 First reality- then music charts activities…currently trendy boy bands comeback pattern

[omitted the rest of the article not related to Infinite]

There are reality programs launched that goes by the names of the idols. Comments that were unexpected decorated with their truthfulness with the feeling of familiarity is shown. However with their new albums they win a different fanbase. Their songs to their performance has a feeling of continuity which is a reversal.

Infinite strengthened their charms on Mnet This is Infinite which was broadcasted from feburary to march. Infinite debuted from the reality program show reality idol and has many reality programs under their control. This is where Infinite’s true value is shown.

From last year’s world tour which had Infinite temporarily stopping their Korea activities, they made a comeback through This is Infinite with a soft image. They also announced their new album activities naturally . From their dissings without fear and and theatrical situations, the expectation for infinite’s comeback is rising.

After the end of the show infinite will comeback on April. Infinite will show their charisma on the stage after a 9 month break from the album Destiny. Their charisma will be upgraded. A perfect performance will be done judging by Infinite’s perfect reflexes. The stage will be a brilliant one. Infinite will again strengthen their existence with their new album.


Article by:TV Report Kim Yena reporter

Translated by Chinggyu for (infiniteupdates.wordpress.com)



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