[♥] INFINITE’s 4th Year Anniversary Project! Please participate ~♥


I. Project Overview:

We from Infinite Updates are organizing a project for Infinite’s 4th year Anniversary. We have decided it is time for Global/International Inspirits to make their presence known. We are planning to have a Subway advertisement or a Bus stop advertisement (this still depends on how much we can gather) for Infinite’s 4th Year Anniversary on June this ad will go for 1 month.

Subway Advertisement Sample:

Embedded image permalink

cr: CandyNamu

Bus Stop Advertisement Sample:

II. Details:

1. Disclaimer:

This project will NOT fall under the name of our fanbase (InfiniteUpdates) but under the name of ‘Global Inspirits’.

2. Help from local fanbases:

To make this project possible we need help from local fanbases in gathering donations. We need fanbases that will represent their countries / states. The name of the fanbase that will participate will be placed on the advertisement together with the name of the country they were representing. All the donations from different representative fanbases will be gathered and will be sent through paypal. We found an Advertising company in Korea and we’re currently inquiring about the details of the advertisement. We’ll find the cheapest available and nearest to the dorm of the boys, preferably around Hapjeong area.

3. Gifts to Donors:

We don’t have a limit as to how much an Inspirit can donate. They can donate as big or as small as they want. But as a token of appreciation, we will give the donors who will donate $10 and above an Infinite chibi button pin and a bag tag specially made by @gate1991 for Infinite’s 4th Year Anniversary. We will deduct the amount that will be needed for the production of the gifts to the total amount gathered and will send the file to the participating fanbases to produce.

4. Design of the Ad.

We are still working on the entire concept and we’ll post it as soon as we are done finalizing the details of the Ad.

III. LIST OF FANBASES: As of now the following fanbases agreed to help us in this:

*For those without country representatives, we have a Paypal account where you can donate personally. Here is our PayPal account : anjellieca@gmail.com

*NOTE* To those donating personally please indicate the name of your country in the short message box so we can include it in the ad.^^

We need more fanbases who can help us in this. If you want to join us just please contact the admins through twitter: *For Chinese fanbases :

  • @sunggyusungyeol (Singapore)

*Oceania / America :

  • @yeji_chunsa88 (Australia)
  • @lee_sungjongs (U.S)

*Asia :

  • @anjellie_ka (Philippines)
  • @AmieraAnuaar (Malaysia)
  • @sungkyuxx (Indonesia)

Or email us at infiniteupdates@yahoo.com We are hoping for everyone’s participation. Let’s do this together. Please do support us in this.


Much Love,

Infinite Updates Staffs

14 thoughts on “[♥] INFINITE’s 4th Year Anniversary Project! Please participate ~♥”

    1. hi..can you give me your twitter account? Infinite Philippines hasn’t finalized yet the detail of their donations. I’ll message you immediately once they’re done ^^

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