140509 Leader Special Leadership Image, they are all within idols – Leader Sunggyu

(Omitted all parts not relating to Sunggyu)

The idols that take care of others using their love (By the way they put the wrong picture for SHINee,SHINee leader is Onew)

The leaders who places love more important than everything else,the red-hearted leaders. The leaders that takes care of their members in the spotlight. They take care of even the smallest details and have a diligent image.They take care of others rather their own welfare.Although they have a soft and kind image,their charisma when needed will flow out which shows that they are strong on the inside and warm on the outside.

The idol who is the proud leader of Infinite catches the fans hearts by his charismatic performance. But sometimes the little faults he shows earned him the nickname of ‘gyu lacking’. He got this nickname due to his pure reactions and the panicking on variety shows. Although he is clear of the faults he have,he nags at the members and he must say what he has to say.

Written by:Yang Seung Hui reporter of Newsculture
Translated by: Chinggyu of @Infiniteupdates

2 thoughts on “140509 Leader Special Leadership Image, they are all within idols – Leader Sunggyu”

  1. the picture up there is onew though…
    also when writing, there always has to be a space AFTER the comma and/or period. And you have to put the ending punctuation before the quotation marks. So it should be “gyu lacking.” not “gyu lacking”.

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