[SPOT] 140522 Highlight of Press Conference for INFINITE’s New Album ‘Season 2′

The press conference for the release of the 2nd album of INFINITE was held at Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium in Seoul on May 21st as the finale of the showcase tour. On May 19th and 20th, the showcases were held in Japan and Taiwan respectively.

INFINITE members had to wear stage costumes as the flight from Taiwan to Korea was delayed due to the earthquake in Taiwan.

Leader Sung-kyu said, “I am really happy to hold big showcases for the Japanese and Taiwanese fans.” Dong-woo commented on the episode before the showcase, “Even if the flight was delayed, I think it will bring us more luck. We could even put our song at no.1 on the Billboard Chart.”


“We are the lead vocalists”, said Sung-kyu and Woo-hyun

Hoya said, “’Season 2’ is the title of the album. We have just finishes the ‘Season 1’. We hope to grow more with the new album. The title song is ‘Last Romeo’. We want to become the last romanticists of this century”, asking fans to give more love to them.
About the pop symphony genre of the title song, Sung-kyu said, “The elements or orchestra and rock are combined for the song. It is a new try for us. I wrote the lyrics for ‘Light’. The song is about a guy who likens the girl he loves to light and says he can see everything because of her.”

INFINITE has put more effort in the new album as it is the 2nd official album. Sung-kyu said, “We recorded 40 songs but only 13 of them are included in the album. We almost lived in the recording studio. We learned a lot from the composers.”

Woo-hyun said, “I composed ‘Close Your Eyes’ and wrote the sad lyrics for the song. Woo-hyun and Sung-yeol will star in KBS’s new drama ‘High School–Love On’. Woo-hyun said, “We’ll have good news with the comeback for the 2nd album.” The reporters asked INFINITE the following questions.


L and Sung-jong sing ‘Heartbeats’ which is not included in the new album

– Are you planning Asian tour concerts in Taiwan?
Sung-kyu – We have not announced the plan. But we announced that we may have a concert in Korea this summer. We’d like to have Asian concert tours.

– The title of the album is ‘Season 2’. What new concepts did you try?
Dong-woo – We used analogies in the lyrics for the past albums. But Hoya explicitly wrote the lyrics of the songs for the new album.
Sung-kyu – We diversified the music by using real sound for the songs. Some members will perform individually to express their own charms.

– What is the point dance for the title song?
Hoya – We’ve focused on masculinity so far. But this time we look more unisexual. The dance moves are mild but there are some strong movements as well.

– You worked with Sweetune again.
Hoya – Sweetune knows the voices of the individual members. That is the biggest reason we worked with Sweetune. We actually like their music.
Woo-hyun – It is the matter of loyalty.
Dong-woo – Composers from Sweetune are the right choice to write romantic songs. We might work with other composers next time.

– Have you ever fallen in love like the romantic guy in the song ‘Last Romeo’?
Sung-kyu – I waited for my girl-friend for 2 hours in the rain without an umbrella when I was the 1st grader in high school. I didn’t kneel down, but I caught a cold. That was like the fever of love. I was still young and fresh.

6Hoya danced the point dance of ‘Last Romeo’

– INFINITE F (Sung-yeol, L and Sung-jong) sang ‘Heartbeats’ at the concert earlier this year. But ‘Going Crazy’ is included in the new album. What are the future plans of INFINITE F?
Sung-yeol – The song is not included in the 2nd album but you will see us perform ‘Heartbeats’ one day.
L – INFINITE F is preparing so many songs. You will listen to more of them later. Please look forward them.

– There are so many singers these days who made a debut a while ago.
Hoya – All of us like g.o.d. and Fly to the Sky. It is an honor for us to perform together. They prove that they can be popular for a long time if they do their best. We will try to learn a lot from them.

– What will you do if you win music charts?
Woo-hyun – I don’t care much about winning a chart.

Sung-kyu – I will do my best to release my 2nd album.

Woo-hyun – We will bow by turns.

Hoya – Sung-yeol will put on makeup as Romeo and Dong-woo will dress like Juliet.

Source: getitk.com
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