[NEWS] 141023 ‘The Genius 3’ Finding the 2nd Sunggyu,why is it so difficult?

There is a desperate attempt to find a 2nd Sunggyu.

On ‘The Genius-Black Garnet’ 4th round broadcast on the 22nd, to begin with Nam Hwee Jong who was eliminated during the 4th round, there are already 4 eliminated members. The players have their personal dispositions, combining with a certain degree of profile which is exposed. In the previous 3rd round, to ensure that their personal combination leads to a perfect victory, Oh Hyun Min who was in charge of chasing Choi Yeon Seung away, his behaviour and comments led him to put be put on the chopping board (T/N:to be the heart of a debate).

(omitted parts not relating to Sunggyu)

Especially in the 4th episode’s main match ‘Sword and Shield’, the players who are eliminated, even when the winning team tempted them, they excluded bargaining using their garnets as one and protected the loyalty towards their members which was rare in the previous episodes. This also led to a portion of the viewers having good reviews of the show.Filled with collectivity and principles, feeling strongly towards personal responsibility. Although this was a beautiful scene drawn for a failure, this beautiful failure also had feelings of frustration.

‘The Genius’ is equivalent to betrayal. The right to survive and prize money, when something as much as this is being put on the line, it also calls for players’ concentration and being desperate. Owing to this, there are people who form unions,but due to gaining personal profits there could be a breach any time.To allow the program to have many variable factors and have an interesting production ,’The Genius’ needs players who are able to freely go beyond the rules, that is a player like Sunggyu in ‘The Genius 1-Rules of the Game’.

Sunggyu and Lee Sang Min, as a comedy combo which can bring interest as players, they also played games and moved around more freely than anyone else. In addition, they are calm and peaceful players. Sunggyu made use of betrayal better than anyone else and was a player hard to fathom. He also jolted the game’s territory and his way of suitable betrayal also gave viewers a feeling of tension.The reason is there could be variables which overturn expectations any time.

(omitted rest of article not relating to Sunggyu)

Article by: Korea Economic TV

Translated by:sunggyusungyeol for Infiniteupdates

4 thoughts on “[NEWS] 141023 ‘The Genius 3’ Finding the 2nd Sunggyu,why is it so difficult?”

  1. Sunggyu is good at betraying them, like in S1, but he didn’t win. People who stayed loyal went to the finals, like Jinho, Kyungran, Hyunmin, Dongmin, whatnot (I decided to skip S2…though I do know Sangmin won, and Yohwan was the other finalist I think)
    But Sunggyu also had help from others and was also pretty dependent. But for Dongmin and Hyunmin, the two led the others, and for a 19 year-old KAIST (even if Hyunmin did win KAIST’s version of The Genius) Hyunmin did pretty damn well, almost winning. I admit, Oh Hyunmin was my total bias in The Genius overall besides Sunggyu and Jinho. and he’s such a cutie and he’s got the brains! (sooooo jealous.)

    I would totally love it if Hyunmin was like offered on other variety shows and such, or go back to The Genius or like Crime Scene or something, even if he’ll probably drop out early because everyone would be really cautious with him.He is freaking smart. No joke. The way he totally owned S3 episode 2 was boss, and how he beat Jinho in the BTS in ep 10, and even Jinho agreed he was boss.

    I’m not bashing on Sunggyu, he’s like a bias in Infinite for me, and, btw, Hyunmin totally loves Infinite, and he loves Sunggyu. He’s a hardocore Inspirit (thank you twitter! stalking mode on.) I FREAKING LOVE SUNGGYU, well, and L, and Hoya…….
    but eternally supporting Oh Hyunmin as well!

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