[TRANS] Naver Starcast #인피니트H (INFINITE H)

If it’s rap then it’s rap, if it’s dance then it’s dance; and even the ones good at singing Infinite H is back with a new album Fly again. After the release of fly high.

If it had another H on it then it’ll be a perfect studio in Gangnam.

This day is the day where the hip hop unit from infinite, infinite H has their jacket photoshoot

This day is the day where the hip hop unit from infinite, infinite H has their jacket photoshoot.

On one side of the photoshoot set there is a variety of outfits prepared for the shoot.

As a Hip hop unit group there’s alot of accessories and different styles of hats and even shoes.

Infinite’s stylist has worked hard prepare these precious items before the photoshoot starts.

From now on we’ll show you how infinite h can display these items and clothings well.

The bright colours and patterns can be seen wrapped around hoya’s body. Asking about the outfit’s key points.

Hoya replied saying “wouldn’t the bright patterns be the key point of the outfit” and even started to pose.

This outfit was seen in the first teaser image of the album with the unique and bright patterns on the outfit and accessories. Also the necklace was a great match with the outfit.

To produce the best photo he changed jackets throughout the photoshoot and even gave a different look to the outfit

While posing differently to the camera you can see his seriousness through his eyes~ before the shoot you can see him dancing to the music but as soon as he hears the shutter noise from the camera his glare changes.

To take the best photos he thought about what he had to do to look more like Infinite H.

In the middle of Hoya’s shoot, dongwoo appeared all ready with a very unique outfit. He said he’ll show you the outfit and started posing.

He also used his hand gestures throughout the shoot! If hoya had a charismatic charm then Dongwoo will be opposite by a smooth charm.

After getting change quickly, the second shoot started.

Before starting the shoot, Dongwoo explained his outfit by saying the clothes are hugging the animals!

The poses he does for fans and the shoot is very different! the charm of a guy concentrating on his work~

Hoya appears with his whole outfit being covered in butterflies. From head to toe he looks very luxury.

It’s a trouble for Infinite H for having too many charms! Being serious while listening to the cameraman’s opinion and thinking of different poses, monitoring each other’s photos!.

As soon as the second shoot finished. It could be seen that Dongwoo and hoya were going through the photos before getting change to the third outfit.


The third shoot was about the coorperation. The cameraman asked them to just look relaxed with each other. As soon as hearing that, Dongwoo and Hoya listened to music and acted naturally in front of the camera.

As they were moving so quickly they had to ask Hoya and Dongwoo to slow down.

They even played a little drama in front of the camera making all the staff members laugh the whole time.

Compared to the previous outfits they look very neat in all black


The last outfit for Fly again Dongwoo wearing a vest and tie looking very neat and tidy but Dongwoo was dancing and singing the whole shoot the pd even tried to calm dongwoo down.

Hoya posed matching with his outfit but as soon as the shoot finished he started singing. He gave a sweet smile to the camera~ songs from the album Fly again was playing throughout the whole shoot and hoya got excited so he started to play with the staff members while getting ready for the last shoot.

For the last shoot hoya was wearing a white knit with a denim jacket.

Finally the shoot was over as Infinite H worked late until night but could make the shoot fun for the staffs as well because of Hoya and Dongwoo.

trans by: 박민지 @EstherInfinite9 of @INFINITEUPDATES

Please take out with full credits.

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