[TUTORIAL] 5th Gen Inspirit Application Guide

Included in the 5th Generation Inspirit Privileges is a fancafe level up (VIP status), so before making a YES24 account make a DAUM account first. Daum account is what you need to sign-in to Infinite’s Official Fancafe.

 #1 Create a DAUM ACCOUNT – Tutorial here ( LINK

#2 Create a YES24 ACCOUNT – Tutorial below

*For creating Yes24 account PLEASE FOLLOW STEP 1 of the tutorial

*For 5th Generation Inspirit Application Go here (LINK) then PLEASE FOLLOW STEP 2 of the tutorial

source: Yes24

posted by: Anjellie_ka of InfiniteUpdates

42 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] 5th Gen Inspirit Application Guide”

  1. hey,,, I’m Indonesian and the keyboard of my laptop doesn’t have korean letters so how to type the code,, because I copy and paste from google translate and it says please enter the letters correctly to prevent automated input.

  2. Hi, I know this is only somewhat related to the topic but I was wondering about leveling up at the fancafe. I’m a fairly new Inspirit and the only physical merchandise from them is the One Great Step Returns DVD that I got when I was in Korea last month. It has the KOMCA sticker there, do you think it’ll work instead of their album?

  3. Hi! After the yes24 step 4 (address), I’m not able to move forward with the page after clicking ‘next’ step 5. Because it says- 배송지 정보를 모두 입력해 주세요. So I can’t move onto the next page. Do you know why I’m getting this? Should I be writing the address in a specific format/way? The first two boxes on 주소 won’t let me type anything in them, maybe that’s what’s holding it back?
    Hope you can help! Thanks! From France, Mel

  4. yes it says your address is incomplete.. your zip code should be in 3-3 format.. so if you have 4 digit zipcode add 2 zeros at the beginning.. if you have 5 digit zipcode add 1 zero at the biginning… for your address.. enter it only on the 2nd box.

      1. You should have received two emails- one from KC inicis and one from YES24. You can check your orders if you click on MYPAGE and it should appear second heading with your order number. (If you need to edit your info, click on your order number and click on the white button by the blue words.)

  5. Thanks so much for your reply. It’s still not working unfortunately. I’m not sure if it’s me or the site because the first two boxes before the long one after 주소 really won’t let me enter anything into it and I think that’s why my address is ‘incomplete’… I just keep getting that error pop-up. Thanks anyway..😦 I’ve been at this all day. I’ll give it a rest for now and try again later…

  6. HI!! So I followed every single step and I was successful but now I’m stuck in the payment. I tried with a mastercard and a visa and both didn’t work. Is there anyway I can pay for the registration? T.T

    1. it’s being cut >x(
      apparently I messed up at making zip code and address on my yes24 account. how can I change it back? is there any way to change the information on my account?
      thanks before ><

  7. Hi. I followed the steps and i’m able to proceed till the end. However im always stuck at the settlement page 😢😢 did you face such problems ?

  8. Hello! I’ve finally gotten to the end, but when I wanna pay, it says to put in my phone number at the kpay page? I don’t live in Korea… how to go around this? Thanks!

    1. it is because of this kpay coupone, I think, you don’t need this🙂 . just choose your card type, write your data and do not forget to make sure your bank doesn’t protect your card with 3d secure!

  9. hello! there is a title question on the level up page 2014.07.22 발매된 리패키지 앨범 이름은? Each time I write “Be back”, but it doesn’t allow me to pass. Can you help where is the problem? Thanks!!

  10. um.. quick question. How do we find out we got leveled up as VIP member, after successfully joining the Fan Club?

  11. Hello i finished all the steps but nothing is showing up under “Order History” does it take some time to show up ? Thank you

  12. Um… Hello! So how do I pay? I don’t have anyone in Korea nor do I have a credit/debit/bank card ’cause i’m underage…. I’m relying in money transfer like Western Union/ LBC…..

    1. They don’t have money transfer options yet. They only accept visa secured cards or secure mastercards for foreign banks.

  13. My friend and I missed the part where we will have to fill up our information for the Fan Cafe level up! Is it still possible to level up as VIP or did we just wasted our time on this??😦

  14. So I still have to apply to level up before I can become VIP member, even with this 5th generation inspirit membership? Is that how it works? If not, how will it be ‘announced’ in the cafe? Thank you for any help!

  15. Hello,I’ve already created yes24 account.But the problem is purchasing.At the step 4,it keep saying 긴급연락처를 입력해주세요. although I’ve completed all.Any idea for it,plz??

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