22 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] REAL MEN 2 with Sungjong”

  1. thank you for subbing, I’ve been waiting for somebody to sub this.
    you did great.🙂
    I’ll patiently wait for eps 2, thank you!🙂

  2. thanks for subbing, im glad that i can watch sungjong in this program.. and i can’t wait to watch episode 2, i hope it will sub out soon.. thank you..🙂

  3. Thanks for subbing real men ep.1 I can’t wait to watch ep.2🙂 by the way, how many times did sungjong appeared in this show???

    1. Do you really have to be that rude? .-. Do you know that it’s not really easy to sub stuff?

      You should try being the subber for once. Then I’ll go and comment something nasty there and see how you feel.

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