[TRANS] Infinite Hoya’s A to Z in his head


Are you interested in celebrity’s life? From actors to comedians, we’ve took some time to look at their life. We will be looking at star’s A to Z through ‘minor interview’ that fans and people have been curious about.

Infinite Hoya who is working as a singer and an actor is successfully living in a double life. The recent SBS Wednesday drama ‘The Mask’, Hoya has acted as the younger brother and shown his acting skills, and also came out with a new song ‘Bad’ which has been winning on different music programs.

What type of thoughts dose Hoya have? Let’s look at the 50 Q&A’s.

1. Tell us your real name and what you are in the team

My real name is Lee Howon, and in Infinite I play the role ‘pose’

2. What was your nickname when you were younger?


3. At the beginning of your debut, if someone like you came underneath you then what would you want to say?

You’re really handsome

4. When did you start to dream about being an actor and singer?

I liked music and dancing that it even gave me the chills

5. What type of student were you?

A quiet student

6. Man Lee Howon, What’s a charm people don’t know?


7. My Favorite word?

You’re the best

8. Words that you hate listening to?
You can’t do it

9. What’s your ranking on looks amongst the members?


10. A member that you’re jealous about and why?

Dongwoo!! He doesn’t get any stress

11. A habit you want to get rid of?

I want to get rid of not being able to wake up early!

12. What’s something on your face you want to pass on to your kids?

My pupil? haha

13. What opinions do you want to break about yourself?

The opinion that I’m only good at dancing! I’m good at other things too!

14. What’s your limit on alcohol?

Don’t know exactly. ^^;

15. A type of girl that you would never date?

A girl who cheats

16. What changes are there in your personality when you’re dating a girl?

It’s been a while since I’ve dated a girl so I don’t rememberㅠㅠ

17. For world peace, what have your done

Making my own fans! Because if you love something then it makes them think positively. If the number of positive people increase, wouldn’t there be peace in the world?

18. What’s your favourite word in english>


19. If I was going through 2nd year of junior high sickness (self – conscience stage in puberty) then what would the symptoms be?

The thought that everyone is staring at me

20. What type of superpower do you want?

Infinity energy

21. You woke up and you came back to when you were 18. What’s something you want to do?

Enjoy singing and dancing with friends.

22. What’s the reason you were born?

To give happiness and joy to other people

24. The thing you do when you read hate messages?

I’m a type of person who works harder when I read hate messages. Then later on those messages become thankful. As it helps me grow!

24. What’s your way of releasing your anger?

Turn the music on really loud or take my clothes off and dance~

25. What are the turning points of your life?

Dropping out of school, when I dropped out of school in 1st grade of high school, I had nothing to rely on and felt lonely

26. If you were born as a girl, what type of girl would you be to guys

Don’t even want to think about it~kekekeke

27. If one of your team members was a girl, which member will you be the most attracted to?

Don’t even want to think about it!!!!!!!!!! kekekeke

28. What’s a fan that you remember?

A fan that I met in Thailand and she looked around 7-10 years old. I could see myself at that age where I wanted to become a singer, and fell in love with one of the singers, and that’s why I still can remember her.

29. Which celebrity friend uses Kedok (messenger type thing) the most?

B1A4 Jinyoung

30. Until now, what’s the best thing you’ve done?

Not giving up me dreams

31. Openly dating someone, Yes or No?


32. What’s the power that has sustained you until now?

The cheer, encouragement and trust from my people!

33. If you could turn back time, where would you want to go back to?

18, when I used to dance crazily with friends in Busan.

34. What’s something you want to fulfill from your bucket list? 

I wanted to go to Jejudo by myself for a holiday but 2 months ago so I’ve accomplished that from my bucket list. So this time I want to go overseas by myself.

35. What type of person are you to guys?

A loyal person

36. What type of person are you to girls?

A shy person >_<

37. What would you have been in your past life?

A Jester

38. What’s the most beautiful thing on earth?

Categorical Love!! Like the love from my fans and parents~

39. What’s the moment you were the happiest?

This moment where I can tell my stories truthfully ^^

40. What type of wedding do you dream of?

I have never thought about my wedding

41. What’s the difference between Hoya and Lee Howon?

The fact that when I’m in the practicing room I’m in the lowest position but when I’m on stage I’m the most confident

42. What’s your own way of overcoming the hate messages?

Be thankful about the fact that they’re giving you their attention rather than none! As I have the disease to forget about it after a day past and think about new things.

43. What’s the metaphor of your songs?
Folk song

44. What does Byun Jihyeok (The character he played in The mask) mean to you?

A different me

45. As an actor what’s something you want to accomplish?

To try things that I can’t do as Lee Howon through acting

46. What are the moments where you feel like you’re wearing a mask?
While I’m getting makeup on

47. What is the definition of ‘The mask’ in five words?

One stage growth

48. What are the things that you have gained and lost through ‘The Mask’

The thing I’ve gained is acting skills and the thing I’ve lost is sleep~ㅠㅠ

49. What type of person would you be in 10 years time?

Not considering how people feel about me and making other happy

50. What would you rate the synchronization with Byun Jihyeok? What are the similarities?

I’ll give it 70. I think the mind for caring for their family are the similar.

trans by: Esther of Infinite Updates

Please give full and proper credit to @InfiniteUpdates when taken out.

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