[FULL/TRANS] ‘ROLA Japanese Magazine’ Interview with INFINITE F



Q:The year 2015 seems to be really busy for you with Japan Tour,  World Tour, and individual schedules. How was 2015 for you!?

MS:Woah~! Please take care of us well!
SY& SJ:(Clap-clap)
MS:How was 2015?!
SJ:2015 was stormy. It started with Japan Tour, then we made a “come-back” in Korea,  World Tour and lots of individual schedules. It was a really busy year.
MS:Right, it was definitely busy. For me, World Tour after 2years was the most impressive though we’re still going on it. I’m looking forward to visiting the US and CN.
MS:It was really happy for me to see INSPIRT in countries in Europe and South East Asian countries where we can’t visit easily.
SY:Ofc, WT was really fun for me as well, but 2015 was too busy to remember what I did, because I tried many new things.
MS:Yea, you played on a drama. You were really busy..
SY:Right, I was.
SJ:um /nodding/
SY:Why you don’t talk at all?
SJ:I was thinking of many things!!
SY:What impressed you the most!?
SJ:The most impressive one was our new album “Reality” for me.
SJ:The title song “BAD” was a really good song. We won 1st prize on music shows. I wanted to perform longer, but we couldn’t..so I really felt sad.
SY&MS:Yea..so did I..
SY:Let’s work hard this year, too!!



Q:Winter is the season we have lots of chances to give presents on Xmas, Valentine’s day etc. If you give presents to members, what would you like to give!? Please think about heart-warming presents.

SY:Things I want to give..
MS:Yea yea!
SY:Well, to SungJong, hmmm… what do you want!?
SJ:Hmmm…a bag!
SY:Oh, yes! SungJong really likes branded bags! Okie, I will give you a branded bag filled with tooth brushes and pastes lol so that, you can brush your teeth every time & everywhere! Do not forget to gargle, ok!?
SJ:If you will do so, please choose high quality ones! lol
SY:Of course!! I’ll put gargles as well!
SJ:Ahaha!!! Thank you for a bag with toothbrush set! I will use them carefully!
SY:To L…
MS:What will you give me!?
SY:I will give you a bag filled with money, so that you can buy things you want. Of course, I won’t forget to put toothbrush set in it! Brush your teeth well! Lol
MS:Ahaha!! Thank you!
SJ:Brushing the teeth is important!
SY:Teeth are important!
SJ:What I should give?? SungYeol-hyung was really busy last year, and you went to the jungle recently again. So I want you to take a good care of your skin. I’ll give you face masks and full body packs!
SY:Ahaha!! Jungle again!
SJ:To L-hyung, well… I will give you lots of food!
MS:For example!?
SJ:Curry, cutlet bowl, and beef bowl!
MS:LOL I will eat a lot!! Okie, then I.. what should I give you!? Both of you have own favorite things.. so I’ll give you enough money to buy things you want to get!
SY:Thank you, L!!
SJ:I’m looking forward to it, L-hyung!!



Q:It’s the 7th year for INFINITE, and all members are really busy for variety of things. What do you think about your future!? Please predict each other’s future.

MS:I can see your future!(in Japanese)
MS:I said “I can see your future”.
SY:Oh, if so, tell me now!
MS:Okie, first, SY often goes to the  Jungle, so you’ll be a “jungler”who is the master of jungle. Also you will go overseas to do volunteer activity. I guess you’ll be such a great person.
SY:Yes, yes! My future is just like you said! Indeed, L knows me in my desire future well.
MS:Ofc! I thought so as well. I know about SungYeol well.
SY:Yes(satisfied nod)
MS:About SungJong, well..You like to go to fashion shows and you often go there, so your job will be related to fashion. SungJong has a good figure, so you might be a model and be on the stage of fashion shows. Yes, I hope so.
SJ:Yes!! You’re great, L hyung! I’m interested in fashion so much now, so it’s possible in my future.
MS:I can see your future! (in Japanese again)
SY:It’s my turn. lOkie, SungJong’s future I guess is.. I know that you’ll start studying fashion coz you like it much, but soon after, you’ll find “Aww this is not my way” , and come back to this world.
SJ:Eh?? ..SungYeol hyung.. my future isn’t filled with good things, right!? Okie, but I also think that giving up something like that is also important. LOL
SY:Ofc, finding out “this world is not for me” as soon as you can is also important.
SJ:Okie, I got.
MS:can see the future (in Japanese again)
SY:L will be active as an actor on not only dramas but also on movies, and popular as both a singer and a movie star. I think he can be a great actor, because he’s already popular.
MS:It’s really interesting. Hahaha!! I’m satisfied.(in Japanese)
SJ:I think, SY hyung will be a CEO rather than a Jungler! CEO!!
MS:CEO rather than Jungler! Hahaha
SY:Ok ok
SJ:I think, you can achieve some big project to be a CEO of a major company. You will be a great person. On the other hand, you will still work with us in this world. SungYeol hyung is the person who can achieve something big.
SY:Woah~!! That is the answer which I wanted!! Thank you, SungJong!
SJ:Hehehe! L hyun will be active as an singer with us in this show business while playing on dramas and movies. You go well with this show business.
MS:Woah~!! That is the answer which I wanted!!
SJ:Both of you two won’t leave showbiz. I really want you to last for long.
SY&MS:Woah~!! That’s the answer I wanted!!



Q:You are members of INFINITE which has infinite charm. You’re well known as No.1 idol group with strong expression of love to your fans. If you have infinite time and money, what would you like to do for your fans!?

SY:If we have infinite time and money!
SY:Infinite!! So to speak “infinite”, that means us!
SJ:I want to give a bag to each fan.
SY:A brand-name bag?
SJ:Not only. It might be a brand-name bag, but it might not be.
MS:A brand name one is better.
SJ:Yes, it is better! I really want to give them branded products.
MS:You really like bags, don’t you!?
SJ:I do.
SY:What will I do? If I really have infinite money and time, I want to save 100 million yen for each fan so that they can live their life happily with getting the interest.
SJ:Wow~ that’s great!
SY:It is! For me, our fans are really important, so I really want them to live happily.
MS:If I have infinite time and money, I want to hold WT every day! I want to fly to various countries to see our fans all over the world.
SJ:It’s a good idea!
MS:We really enjoyed our 2nd WT! But in fact, to go to each country needs much money, and also we didn’t have enough time to stay there. So if my wish comes true, I want to stay in each country more and see our fans there for a longer time.
SY:Yes!! That’s a great idea!
MS:It is!!
SY:Ok, now I’ve changed my mind actually. If I have infinite time and money, I’ll hold WT for fans in countries where we couldn’t visit. I want to do in Japan, too!
MS:Oh! Great idea!
SY:Of course!
SJ:I agree with the idea! Let’s hold WT again!

Pics from ROLA magazine app: https://rola.tokyo/app/


Trans by @MineMyngsL of Infinite Updates!

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