[FULL/TRANS] ‘ROLA Japanese Magazine’ Interview with INFINITE H



Q:In 2015, DongWoo-ssi played in musical for the first time, and Hoya-ssi played in a drama and a movie. Moreover, H released mini-album. Two of you seem to have been busy and spent a satisfying year. How was 2015 for you!?

DW:Olhae~Olhae~♪(means “this year”)
DW:How was 2015?
HY:How was it?
DW:The best thing was INFINITE H’s promotion, wasn’t it!?
HY:Agree! Our comeback in Feb and the promotion were the most impressive! We won on music shows, and also a song I composed was on the album.
DW:Right! We spent time with our fans and we were happy at the time!
HY:Anything else!?
DW:My birthday! I had my birthday overseas for many years, but this year I was in Korea! It was really memorable! Many fans came to my parents’ restaurant and celebrated my birthday.  I was reaaally happy.
HY:Woah~I envy you!
DW:How was your birthday!?
HY:My birthday…?? What happened!?
DW:LOL Okie, you don’t remember lol
HY:Yea,, I don’t remember what happended..
HY:I was drinking??
DW:Were you!?? Hahaha
HY:Just kidding!! I had a great day!


Q:You work together as dance & rap team, but you have things you never lose each other!?

DW:I’m second to none in positive thinking!
HY:DongWoo-hyun is really positive!!
HY:Then, I think I’m second to none in “negative” thinking!
DW:What!? Hoya, are you negative?!
HY:I mean, I’m not negative, but always think of the worst situation as well before taking action, so that I can get a clear view of every little thing and can escape the worst circumstance.
DW:Ah, then it means you are cautious!
HY:I am!
DW:What do you do to release stress lately!?
HY:Recently, I can’t relieve stress, and it’s getting piled up..hehe since I’ve been busy.
DW:It’s like a mileage of flights. “Stress Mile” !!
HY:LOL I’m just kidding!!
DW:I can relieve stress well by going out here and there.
HY:That’s good.
DW:Because I like driving, I often go out. Also I like to go somewhere by train!
HY:Eh!? You get on a train!?
DW:I do!! I have transportation card! My card is INFINITE’s!! LOL
HY:DongWoo-hyun is really active! And positive!
DW:I like to walk around while shopping! It’s really fun. I can get rid of stress!
DW:You’d better go out somewhere..
HY:I don’t have my car, so I go out with a bike which is state-operated rental cycle. Lol
DW:Eh!? Do you rent a bicycle!?
HY:Right. I can’t afford to go shopping, so I rent a bicycle from the government, and borrow clothes from friends..kk
DW:Are you living in such a way!? Rent a bike, and borrow clothes from your friends!?
HY: Yes!
DW:Bhahaha!!! Can’t believe!! It’s so funny!!!
HY:Of course, all is joke. LOL
DW:You’re too much!!!


Q:Both of you always show us your talent for dance and rap up to now.  Then, what do you think about your future!? Please imagine each other’s future.

DW:How will your Hoya’s future be!?
HY:What do you think about it!?
DW:Ofc, bright future.
HY:So, tell me now!
DW:Hoya will be CEO of a company 10 years later.
HY:That’s a good future.
DW:It is! You’re a really hard worker. Ofc, you will sometime be irritated with difficulties when things don’t go as you think. However, you can overcome them someday, and can be a great person.
HY:Yea, you’re right. I think it will be possible, but at first I don’t have enough money, so I need to borrow money. (still kidding)
DW:Oh, you rent a bike from nation, borrow clothes from your friends, and will establish your company with everything you borrowed!? LOL
HY:Such a CEO is also good. It’s a new CEO image!
DW:What!? You really like telling a joke. Ahahaha
HY:So, I want DongWoo-ssi to help me and be my business partner when I build an office.
DW:Good! INFINITE H CEO!! without any clothes, money and a car.!
HY:It’s going to be alright!
DW:It is! Don’t worry, I have all. I will lend you all you need.
HY:You’re reliable!
DW:INFINITE H CEO can go well!
HY:Oh, but I’m the person who definitely return borrowed things, so do not worry! When I return things, I will borrow ones from another person!
DW:You’re totally kidding me. LOL


Q:Now you’re holding WT which fans all over the world were looking forward to. If you have infinite time and money, what do you want to do for your fans!?

HY:I really thank our fans to be born in this world.
HY:I thank them for even their breathing for me.
HY:They are really grateful existence for me. Thank you!
DW:They love not only INFINITE, but also our family.
HY:Yes, they do.
DW:My parents run a restaurant named “Inchang Jjukkumi” in Guri. My fans often come there. There are lots of gifts and photos fans brought in the restaurant.
DW:I really appreciate their expression of love to me with such actions and words.
HY:So, what do you want to do for such fans!?
DW:I want to reserve a big cruise to hold a marine concert with fans while cruising. Also I want to have fun with fans, eat breakfast and lunch together, andsee off everyone after having dinner. A whole day date with fans!
HY:It sounds like fun!
DW:Yes! How about you, Hoya!?
HY:If you will hold a marine concert, I want to hold a diving concert while watching fish. LOL
DW:Whales as well!
HY:It’s good, right!? But I don’t have money, so at first I need to borrow money. (still dragging the joke)
DW:You! still kidding!? This question says “If we have INFINITE MONEY and TIME!”
HY:Oh, yes.
DW:So it means I’m on the sea, and you’re under the sea.
HY:It does.
DW:♪ wi alae! Wi alae!!♪ (EXID’s song which means Up and Down)
HY:We should hold our concert on the different date because it’s on and under the sea.
DW:We can with infinite time and money.
HY:I really hope so.
DW:Ofc, we have infinite strength as well!
HY:No, I don’t have infinite energy like you, so I’ll do while taking a rest. LOL

pics from ROLA magazine app:https://rola.tokyo/app/


Trans by @MineMyngsL of Infinite Updates!

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