[FULL/TRANS] ‘ROLA Japanese Magazine’ Interview with Sunggyu and Woohyun



Q:In 2015, Sungkyu-ssi released 2nd solo mini-album 『27』, Woohyun-ssi played in a drama, and also composed songs. How was 2015 for you!?

SK:How was 2015??
SK:We had many things.
WH:Yea, we did. Also I had many things I couldn’t make well, so it was the year of slump. Dr. Slump.. Do you know it!? Dr. Slump Alare-chan! It’s Japanese manga (w/z a serious look).
SK:Omg, you’re still in a slump. lol
WH:might be. Lol
SK:You are! Ofc, there’s a good year and a bad year. This year will be a good year for you.
WH:Thank you. It was your “SOLO” promotion year for you in 2015, right!?
SK:It was. I really worked hard on it. I did well as a group as well.
WH:You won on music shows. I was so happy when you won, and watched you on TV with joy!
SK:Thank you. To win as a solo was the first experience for me, so I was really happy. Yes, it was really good year for me.
WH:We also held Arena Tour in Japan!
SK:World Tour, too!
SK:Anything else!?
WH:Our memories with INSPIRIT in many countries are the best!
WH:We had WT after 2years.
SK:Yea, also it was happy to see INSPIRIT in Asian countries such as Thai, Singapore etc where we can’t visit easily after a long time I really wanted to visit many countries to hold fan meeting, but we couldn’t.. so was good to have held WT this time!
WH:Btw, I had about 6 months without any schedules..
SK:Ah.. I also had 7 months like that 2 years ago..
WH:We’ve always supported each other, right!? When SungKyu-ssi was busy, I supported you, and when I was busy, you supported me well.
SK:We did!
WH:Please take care of me well this year as well!
SK:Yep, I also hope you will.



Q:This year is the 7th year for INFINITE. Have you been impressed or pleased with gifts you got in these long years!?

SK:Only both of us exchanged present on birthday each other, right!?
WH:Yea, only two of us!
SK:In Feb, we went to my favorite brand shop together, and I bought clothes to you.
WH:Rick Owens.
SK:Yep, I like the brand the best!
WH:SungKyu-ssi often wear clothes from Rick Owens. I also really like the brand. SungKyu-ssi gave me the clothes you like the best from the brand.
WH:The price was..
SK:(Stop WH) Why do you need to tell the price!? LOL
WH:Not cheap!
SK:Please keep it a secret!
WH:I wanted to say because I was really happy. You also gave me hand-written letter. I was so impressed with the letter.
SK:It was kind of a tiny message like “Happy Birthday” .. /blush/
WH:Yea, it was ’Happy Birthday’, but it was enough to happiness for me.
SK:Btw, I saw you wore the clothes only once.
WH:Yea, once..
SK:You’d better wear them more!
WH:I gave you a birthday present in return! They were really expensive shoes. I also saw you wore them only once.. Both of us wore just only once..lol
SK:No, I wore them often!
WH:I also wore the clothes many times! lol When I met my friends, I wore it. Not for work. It’s true that I wore it once for a work with members.
SK:I wore those shoes on the 1st of WT. Don’t you remember!?
WH:Also I wore the clothes once on WT though I don’t remember when it was.
SK:So, wear it more!
WH:Mine is for summer! I’m sure to wear it this summer again. I just want to keep the clothes carefully..
SK:Okie, then the shoes I got from you are also for summer. So I will wear them this summer again!
WH:I was really happy to get the clothes from SungKyu-ssi, that’s why
I really want to wear it carefully.
SK:So do I. I was really happy coz it was the 1st present from you. I will wear them carefully, too.
WH:Btw, why did you give me a present suddenly!?
SK:Since you were really busy for a drama and we couldn’t see each other easily. It was near your birthday, and I suddenly thought of coming,
and wanted to give you a birthday present.
WH:Oh really? Thank you.
SK:I wanted to give to other members, but I didn’t have much money on others’ birthday.
WH:I gave to others!
WH:I gave a present to them with warmest wishes, but they said it was not heart-warming.. so I never give him a present though I don’t tell the name of the person.
SK:Not SungYeol!?
WH:It was! Lol I gave him a present from the heart on his last birthday, but he forgot my birthday. SK-ssi gave me a present before I gave you, and I was really happy, so I wanted to give to you in return.
SK:The important things about giving present is not what it is, but how warm it is.
WH:However, SungYeol forgot my birthday,, it means he doesn’t have a warm heart.
SK:Yes, might be. It means I’m tender.
WH:No, you are!
WH:I was worried if you ate weird thing at that time, coz you suddenly gave me a present. I was really surprised.
SK:Such surprise is sometimes needed!
WH:Yes. I think I’m happier than you.
SK:Might be. I never win against you.
WH:Right. I think I mostly win against you.
SK:Yea, I always lose to you.
WH:Because I don’t have anything to lose.
SK:What do you mean!?
WH:I’m alright, because I never lose anything if I lose to you.
SK:Ah okie, I’m okay if I lose to members. But I should try not to lose to myself.



Q:Two of you are not only as main vocal of group, but also being active in variety things. Now what can you see in your future!? Please image your near future and distant future.

SK:I think Woohyun will release his solo album in the near future. I really want to listen to it, so I hope he can.
WH:Yes, so do I. Ok, then next is SungKyu-ssi’s future..(staring at SungKyu)
SK:What!? LOL
WH:I guess SungKyu-ssi will hold his solo concert in his near future. It might be in 2 years?
SK:Eh? 2 years? In 2 years?? Not, in a year? This year, please! LOL
WH:You know, 2 years will past soon, too. To hold a solo concert, you need to release one more album, don’t you!?You should sing more songs.
SK:No problem, because I’ve already released 2 albums!
WH:Ok, you’ll hold your concert after releasing 1 more album! After that, let’s hold it as soon as possible.
SK:I absolutely want to hold my solo concert someday!
WH:Fans must be looking forward to SungKyu-ssi’s concert.
SK:Thank you. Then, how about our distant future!?
WH:What do you mean “distant”? We just have talked about your future in 10 years.
SK:10 years?? You said 2 years..What are you talking about!?
WH:No..after 10 years acutually. LOL
SK:No, then I should work harder to make that come true in 10 years.
WH:Hahaha, yes.
SK:You may be going to work independently in 10 to 20 years.
WH:It can be possible.
SK:Okie, now I’m asking again, what do you think is my distant future?
WH:Your distant future…Hmmmm..
SK:What?? Nothing!??
WH:Well..”Solo concert” was also about kind of your distant future, too..
In how many years, do you mean?? To think about distant future is difficult..
SK:10 to 20 years.
WH:10 to 20 years.. You probably will quit music in such a far distant future.
SK:Hahaha! Why will I!?
WH:Because, there are lots of difficult things.
SK:I really like music, so it won’t happen.
WH:I thought you will be too tired to keep working. LOL
SK:Don’t worry! I’m always doing well.
WH:I know that you really like singing, and you’re a good singer, but you might get more and more tired with busy schedules. I’m worrying about your health. It’s important for you to take a rest.
SK:Do not worry! I’m going to keep working without a rest!!
WH:Ok, Ok!! Let’s work hard together!



Q:INFINITE members really take care of your fans well. If you have infinite time and money, what would you like to do for them?

WH:For me, the existence of our fans is LOVE! It’s LOVE!
SK:For me, of course their existence is really grateful. I think I can live thanks to them.
WH:Then, what do you want to do for them!?
SK:Space travel! I want to take them to a space travel. I promise to take them there. If I have infinite money and time.
WH:Are you going with them!?
SK:Yes! Let’s go to the moon country with me!
WH:Sounds fun!
SK:What do you want to do for fans, WooHyun!?
WH:I’ll make one village to invite my beloved people, so that we can live together there.The name of the village is “WooHyun Village”.
SK:Literally! LOL
WH:I want to live with my beloved fans happily!
SK:Does the village have me!?
WH:How come!?
SK:What?? Without me!?
SK:I want to live in WooHyun Village with you! I’m sure to make WooHyun Village neatly. Woohyun’s words are always not good enough..
SK:To live all together is joyful! You really want to live with me, right!?
WH:What have you been saying!?
SK:You also want to live together, but you’re shy, aren’t you!?
WH:SungKyu-ssi has been talking silly for a quite a while…
SK:I know you’re too shy and kidding. There’s no need to feel ashamed!

Pics from ROLA magazine app:https://rola.tokyo/app/


Trans by @MineMyngsL of Infinite Updates!

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