[TUTORIAL] Melon Streaming

[Important : Please READ] 

Currently purchasing Melon Pass is possible only for apple users with Apple Account. But don’t worry there is still a way but you will need help of a person you know who has Apple Account.

+You just need to do the steps below to that person’s phone, log in your account then purchase Melon pass.

+After that download on your android phone the Melon App, log-in your account to your Android phone and you should be able to stream the songs full.


Extra Notes:

+How to Create Melon Account

+ How to check if you are streaming properly

+ How to loop songs



1. Go to Settings then choose iTunes & App Store


2. Sign in to iTunes Store


3. Make sure to input complete payment information as shown in the pic or purchasing of Melon pass won’t work.

+You can input your own Surname, First Name, Address

+For Province, City, Postcode, Phone number, please input the details on the pic.


4. Change Country/Region to 대한민국. 



5. Once done just go to Apple Store, search for Melon and install.





1.  On top left page click “이용권”.


2. Choose “i-MP3 30 플러스 티켓 30일”. It’s better to choose this one because the cheapest one gives you just one free download of song but that doesn’t count on digital score. 


3. Once done you can search for “인피니트”. Just tap the “검색” or search icon then type “인피니트”. 

4. To check if you have successfully purchased the Melon Pass try playing one song. If it plays the entire song then it is a success. 



+ How to check if you are streaming properly

*Click note icon at the bottom of the player and the recently played songs should open up. The words MP3 would appear beside the title if you’re playing the MP3 you downloaded. Playing that doesn’t count to digital score.

Media preview

+ How to loop songs on Melon

*Just Clear recently played songs then go back to the album and play all the songs.

*One full song counts once only per hour no matter how many times u play it. So just play all the songs in the album~

Media previewMedia previewMedia previewMedia preview


Please share this tutorial within the fandom only.


created by: anjellie_ka of Infinite Updates



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