ARENA (INFINITE fanfiction)

Another Korean fanfiction translated by our resident translator @g1yuu (twitter) | Jjangddongwoo (tumblr).

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

 Part 11

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Sunggyu is the main character, but there are so many pairing in this fic I can’t even count. Um… there’s Sunggyu/Dongwoo, Sunggyu/Myungsoo, Dongwoo/Myungsoo, Dongwoo/Hoya, Hoya/Woohyun, Woohyun/Sunggyu, Woohyun/Sungyeol, Sungyeol/Myungsoo,…. Did I mention all of them..? I dont even know.

Anyway, there are special appearances from SHINee, Block-B, and Hyuna too asdfghjkl;

Oh, and one sad thing is that Sungjong’s not in this fic…..(sorry!)

The Setting:

Our world set in the future.


The world has changed, so that there are two armed forces. One is called Arena, and one is called the Shelter. The Arena is where Dongwoo and Myungsoo are in, and the Shelter is where Sungyeol, Woohyun, and Hoya are in. 

Arena is like the army, where they fight, and remain as a secret identity to others.

The Arena is split into 3 parts: A, B, and C. 

C is the group where the highest amount of fighting and skill is required, and that’s where Myungsoo and Dongwoo are in. And Sunggyu gets into the group as a newbie…but he’s so……….asdfghjl;….You’ll find out.

They all have jobs in the Arena. Myungsoo’s job is the Eyer, Dongwoo’s job is the Hooker, and Sunggyu will come in to be a Sweeper.

You’ll see what all those jobs do.

And in the Shelter, that’s where they keep all the medical things happen, and where all the stats and info are preserved in. Sungyeol is the medic, and Woohyun and Hoya are the guards protecting the place. 

But the Arena and the Shelter have no relations with one another. They have no reason to come into conflict….But you’ll see how they come into play.

As Sunggyu gets into this army things start to happen……

Stay tuned to find out!


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source/translator: Jjangddongwoo

originally written in Korean by: 무명

posted by:  for INFINITEUPDATES

6 thoughts on “ARENA (INFINITE fanfiction)”

  1. Just found out this one. And reading this while listening to BACK by INFINITE.. it perfectly suits the characters. the fighter image.. my gyu.. DONGWOO is the higlight of this story, though gyu is the star/.. jjang!! deabak!!

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