BITE ME (Woogyu Fanfiction)

This is a Vampire AU fanfic which I really, really, really love.

I love it, so much…read it to know why ^^.

Bite Me - main story image


Woohyun x Sunggyu (main)

Myungsoo x Sungyeol

Hoya x Dongwoo

and forever independent Sungjong🙂




For Sunggyu, who’s pretty normal, a chance encounter with a certain vampire changes his life forever. Sunggyu has a problem, though –he’s weak to blood and he’s a vegetarian. So when Woohyun asks him out to dinner, he’s a little reluctant, no matter how sexy Woohyun is.



written by:  clearlyonfire of Asianfanfics

posted by:  for INFINITEUPDATES

7 thoughts on “BITE ME (Woogyu Fanfiction)”

  1. Already finished reading chapter11 and this is sooo good story(fantasy genre) and waiting for the next chapter.

    But can I ask you if this story has a happy ending or a sad one? Sorry for asking this but it can’t help me but to think of what if woohyun die because of sunggyu being stubborn?

    Honestly I must sleep already and this caught my attention and instead of getting a sleep a while ago, I end up reading this fanfic, since I’m also waiting for the update on one of your page’s translated fanfic, The MESSIAH.

    Thanks in advance if ever you’ll answer my question. Have a good day.

    1. Hi.. I’m really not sure if this has a happy ending but I read a few other stories of this author (clearly on fire) and all of them have good endings so I guess this one will have a beautiful ending so don’t worry.. or you may ask the author to make sure ^^ thank you for reading

      And for Messiah.. I don’t know if its updated already.. I’ll check ^^

      1. Ahh, I see. Hehe, Thanks for sharing this wonderful fic. ^^

        hmm, I’m being excited for every update of this fic and MESSIAH, because it is really good.

        Honestly, I’m too lazy for finding a really good fic to other sites, so I decided to go to your website and find updates/ fanfics that I really enjoy reading it. Because your trans fic and recomendation is very good & wonderful story.

        Once again, Thanks for sharing and translating a very wonderful fics.❤

      2. Me myself reads fanfics a lot . A bit biased coz my main pair is WooGyu but I’d find other pairings too. I’ll post more once those two on going fics are done ^^

  2. hahaha.. Just found out this fanfiction and guess what.. Sunggyu was casted on a musical where he is a vampire.. ammm.. :3

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