SIX SENSES (WooGyu Fanfic)

You all know that we post transfics only in our site right but this fic is too beautiful to pass.

I stumble upon this fic in and finished it in a day.

BEAUTIFUL and well written that’s all I can made me sob and squeal madly.

A Glimpse of the story:

Woohyun got into an accident….



The emotion is foreign to Sunggyu…

He never knew that he’d be worried as hell…


Chapter 1: Emotion

Chapter 2: Sight

Chapter 3: Smell

Chapter 4: Hearing

Chapter 5: Touch

Chapter 6: Taste

[Send the author some love..comment please]

written by:  safire of Asianfanfics

posted by:  for INFINITEUPDATES

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