Included in the 5th Generation Inspirit Privileges is a fancafe level up (VIP status), so before making a YES24 account make a DAUM account first. Daum account is what you need to sign-in to Infinite’s Official Fancafe.

 #1 Create a DAUM ACCOUNT – Tutorial here ( LINK

#2 Create a YES24 ACCOUNT – Tutorial below

*For creating Yes24 account PLEASE FOLLOW STEP 1 of the tutorial

Note: Zip code box requires 3-3 digits. if your country use less, add 0 prior to the actual zip code.

*For 5th Generation Inspirit Application Go here (LINK) then PLEASE FOLLOW STEP 2 of the tutorial

Note: If you cannot proceed  to No. 2 (it will require you to install a plug in for chrome) use Internet explorer instead.

source: Yes24

posted by: Anjellie_ka of InfiniteUpdates


  1. Hi there! I could not get to that 5th gen page:(
    I tried the link you put here and also search that page on yes24.com! I used mobile and also computer to get to that page! BUT still does work:(
    Can anyone help me?
    Thanks a million!

  2. Hello!… I am a fan since 2011, but got no time to register because I have classes. Now that I am trying to register, I followed the steps in joining, however I am always stuck at step 4. This makes me worry that I can’t join again. I’m so desperate because I tried so many times, it says that I must input my shipping address completely but still now working. I hope you can help me. Please.., Thank you a lot!.. MAREZ VIRTUCIO

  3. Hi, I successfully registered and paid for 5th gen inspirit but I realized that my last name was wrongly spelled.😦 Can I refund my payment or how can I edit my last name? HELP!

    1. The first two small boxes should have your zip code… also you have to input your mobile number.. first box 2 digit country code for the remaining boxes just distribute your number in them..

      1. i can’t input my zip code in the first 2 boxes for the address…do you know how can i update my details in YES24 account?

  4. how do you pay? I finish the last step of the sign up and then get a loading screen and nothing happens, when do I enter my pay info?

  5. Hi! I’m stuck at the payment part. Is credit card the only option because I do not have one? I’m from Singapore btw😦 Thank you.

  6. I missed the recruiting period because the time I discovered Infinite was the day AFTER this😦
    When do you think is the next one?🙂 PLEASE ANSWER🙂

    1. Most likely the same time this year. So… May to June/July? I missed last years too. I’m 3rd generation official Inspirit! But haven’t able to apply for the past two years because of school.

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