[TUTORIAL] How to create a MELON Account

Updated : September 21, 2016


Step 1: 

Go to this link and register – MELON

Step 2: 

CLICK 이메일증 가입” box, fill up the boxes with your name and email. Then, click the light green button at the bottom. Your name should be ONE WORD only without space. (ex: Infinite)


Step 3 : 

Check EMAIL (SPAM box for Gmail). Email title should be “[멜론] 인증번호를 알려드립니다.”

bandicam-2016-09-21-07-55-08-568Step 4 : 

Fill in the box with your personal information.

+Enter the code sent to your email into the “인증번호” box.

+Password should consist of NUMBERS and LETTERS ; no repetition of letters & numbers used ; no consecutive numbers (Correct Password: asdfg321, Wrong Password: abc123)

+”이미 사용중인 닉네임입니다.” Nickname is already taken.





*Once you’re done creating a Melon account, go here for “Melon Streaming Tutorial”.


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created by: anjellie_ka of Infinite Updates

35 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] How to create a MELON Account”

  1. i think there’s an issue with international email domains not receiving the email confirmation. what i did was use my daum.net email address and got the confirmation code.

  2. Hey! I created an ID but the login page isn’t opening and I can’t read enough Korean to be able to figure out where to login from the Melon website. Can you please link me to the login page?

  3. What does it mean by ID? I put it in hangul but it keeps on saying that it needs 6-30 characters. What do? Can you give me something to put? Please.

  4. Why is it so hard to create a name, can someone give me an idea what to put on the name ‘box’, they keep rejected everything i write on it.

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