[TUTORIAL] How to make an MBC Account (for Show Champion)

Update: May 3, 2016

1) Go to m.mbcplus.com. Click 로그인.

2. Just below the 로그인 tab, choose 회원가입 

2) Choose Domestic & Foreigner living abroad

3) Check the boxes and click the blue tab at the bottom of the page.

4) Verify e-mail address.

HOW TO CHECK THE CODE: Go to your email and check any mails from MBC

4) Fill in the details needed, once done click the blue tab at the bottom of the page.

Password : Follow strictly the rule, at least 1 Uppercase letter, lowercase letters (more than one is fine), and 1 number. If you don’t follow this you will be re-directed again to the main page. This means creating account is unsuccessful.

Email: There are some mail service that cannot receive email from MBC so its best to use Gmail, Naver or other Korean mail service providers.

5. Click 확인 then check your email!

Embedded image permalink

6. Check your email (spam box too)

   Embedded image permalink

7.  Just click the image emailed to you by MBC. You will be prompted to open it using web browser.

Embedded image permalink Embedded image permalink

8. You will be directed to MBC page.. Just log in HERE

9. Vote HERE Voting for SHOW CHAMPION

*Valid time period: Tuesday to Sunday weekly

You can vote 4 times just click 투표하기

please take out with full and proper credit

created by: Anjellie_ka of Infinite Updates

30 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] How to make an MBC Account (for Show Champion)”

  1. Im having a problem about the ID field i cant find any suitable ID it keeps getting on error..please help me

  2. Dear admin, please help me, whenever i klik Domestic & Foreigner living abroad, 국내 거주인은 외국인 회원으로 가입하실 수 없습니다 will out, so i can not make account😦

    1. when you click on the id box or username box there is another box that will appear and just fill up that and it will automatically fill up the id box or username box

  3. Hi, I had successfully created an account. But, I can’t seemed to find the place to vote? The link you provided in point 9 doesn’t show the image as shown where I can vote for artists. Please help. Thanks.

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