[TUTORIAL] How to sign-up to the Official Fancafe

Daum account is what you need to sign-in to Infinite’s Official Fancafe so this tutorial is basically how to make a DAUM account.

#1 GO TO DAUM.NET and Sign-up






please take out with full proper credit

created by: Anjellie_ka of Infinite Updates

35 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] How to sign-up to the Official Fancafe”

  1. For those who want to know how to type in HANGUL: Go to you computer keyboard and open the preferences; it’ll let you add different language characters to your keyboard. In the mac I’m using a 2-set korean:)

  2. Does someone know how to enter? They ask me a question
    2014.07.22 발매된 리패키지 앨범 이름은?
    I know is Be Back, but I don’t know how to write it.. I mean korean, english or a combination of both

    Please, help me

  3. when i amtrying to sign in it keep asking quiz to sign in even though i am giving the right answer but it still saying wrong answer try any other cafe why? the quiz ? was 2014.07.22 발매된 리패키지 앨범 이름은? and the i write was be back it said wrong answer than i write other possible answer too but still saying wrong answer tell me what to do

  4. hey when i am trying to login it keep asking a quiz and even after giving the answer it keep saying you have entered the answer wrongly why please help me with this

  5. plzreply after loging in they ask a quiz i know the but i dint know how to write it plztell plz plz thats the third time i am asking the same question plz reply

  6. HEY! To those who cant type Hangul…. I was able to type out my code using this http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/korean.htm What I did was I typed the symbols (or the parts of symbols) that I thought I saw, and when you type two of them, they get stuck together. If you type one of the symbols in the top row, and then one with a circle from the bottom rows, a lot of times the circle disappears when it sticks together. It will take a few minutes to try and get the symbols to do what you want them to do and match, but dont feel worried if you type your whole code up and then apparently one symbol was wrong because you’ll get the same one again so you can fix your mistake. NO SPACES!!! But ya, it took me about 7 minutes-ish to get it, but I MADE ONE!

  7. Help! Is this current on how to sign up? I’m on Daum net and looks different from this tutorial. I don’t know Korean and I’m having a hard time signing up. Please reply! Thank you for the great work you do!

  8. Hi. I was able to create a daum account and log in. But how do I find and sign up for the infinite official fancafe?

  9. Hi .can you help? I really dont understand hangul! Can i change the languange? How. Please help mee

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